I’m sorry!  Things have been so CRAZY since September!   End of September, my husband was out of town for a week for work, then I left for a week in October for a OLO/Copic retreat in AZ.   The day I flew back was the day my husband left for his 2 weeks work trip to Spain and Netherland. It was absolutely crazy. It was just the lil guy and me but boy I was quite busy!  Now that it is November and husband got home safe and ended up being sick for a week with stomach issues.  Now this past weekend, I came down with a bad case of strep throat. UGH!  I finally went to the Urgent Care yesterday and got some meds so hopefully tomorrow I should be feeling better.  I had been working in the studio all day on Saturday to get everything organized and put back so I can get back to doing my cards and chalk couture LIVE again.  Hoping to start that for sure next week.  Now that the cold weather is here and there is not much for us to do out there PLUS it’s Deer Seasons so that means the hubby is gone on the weekend for deer hunting which provides us with meat to eat!

In 2024, I’m h0ping to re-start my card workshop and host classes again!  I’m also planning on putting my chalk couture projects on my website (here) and it will be up for sale as well.

Well, I best get off of here and get back into bed and rest some more. At least I don’t feel so bad as I did yesterday. It was horrible!  Don’t wish anyone to get this strep throat. It is NOT fun at all!

Until then!

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