About Jen

Hi there!  I’m Jen, a Deaf Blogger and Crafter. I’m known as Jen’s ASL Craft Studio, across all the social platforms.  Formerly, The Deaf Crafty Jen.  My handle names are JeniferBennerStudio and my website is www.jeniferbenner.com

Before we move on to a little introduction; I wanted to mention that in ALL of my videos, whether it is pre-recorded or live; you will always see ASL (America Sign Language) as a form of communication as that is my language and I will mute my videos because I have two boxer dogs that are LOUD.

So onto the introduction; I’m a stay at home mom and nana. I also am a veteran wife and mom.  My husband and oldest son served in the United States Air Forces. I have been married to Jeff for 27 + years, we have 3 boys together, age 25, 22 and 19.  We are currently fostering a 4 years old boy.  We are grandparents to 6 years old grandson and 1 year old granddaughter.

We also have 2 boxers, Dozer who is a fawn color and is 7 years old and Diesel who is a white color and is 2 years old. At times, you will see the dogs during some videos or lives.

I have been into craft since 2002.  I love to do home decor, scrapbook, make cards and decorate the planners as well!

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